Sufi Master and Healer

The Mystical Ecstasy

I underwent millions of hardships to see the Beloved outside;

But it was by looking into myself that I found Him :

my Friend is within me.

Mystical ecstasy is the only closely guarded secret of nature and needs dedication, sacrifice and labour far greater than what is required to unravel the mysteries of the visible universe. Nobody can sell the magic formula or manipulate society by offering a short cut.

“Only when the foundation is strong that a legend stands”

Marifat, the spiritual ecstasy, climax of paranormal communion cannot be possesed of as non existent for the God Realised Saints of all the religions of the world bear testimony to its Truth. Attainment of Mutminnah – tranquil self is a platform from which we can dive deep into the esoteric realm of superconsciousness. When we activate the tranquil self through relentless practice that we enter the esoteric dimensions of the hidden siddhis, unavailable to the ordinary human being in the life span of 125 years.

How is this purity attained and what are we to understand by the nexus of Muhabbat and Purity. We should appreciate that the efforts of the God Realised Saints was to free us from the misery of human bondage which no amount of material comfort can justify. Are we nct scared to die and knowing that tomorrow it may be our turn, we still justify our greed as savings for the rainy day. Very true indeed, the rainy day is the day of the death of our physical bodies but unfortunately we would not be able to carry any wee bit of our accumulations. No amount of coaxing by the saints can ever make us understand the truth behind renunciation of desires. With the goal of Marifat (Union with the Divine) as our only purpose in life would enable us to have a very successful innings of 125 years if not more.

The aspirant under the influence of Haivania, Ammarah and Mulhama, ensnared by the gratification urges is a slave to the desires binding the consciousness to the physical body. Therefore when we dry the juice of sense gratification that we enable our consciousness to attune with the cosmic properties of the soul,

That which is beyond the reach of the most powerful microscope and that which is beyond the realm of inter galaxy travel can be attained by the grace of the Murshid.

I was asleep in a slumber of ignorance, the jogi woke me up;

He cleansed my mind of the dirt and showed me the essence

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