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The Wonderland of Ashgal

The wonderland of Ashgal practices at a preliminary level can be understood by the following :

Shugal I Aina
– where the aspirant contemplates, meditates and concentrates on the Divine. The Zikr (remembrance of the Divine) is the booster which enables us to achieve faster access. The key thrust here is activation of Sirr (Visuddhi Chakra).

Shugal I Sultan Nasir
– here the aspirant has to perfect Fikr (concentration on the Divine). This would help the aspirant to eliminate the puddle of thoughts for ever occupying the mind. With an intense concentration, it is possible to activate thought projection and this is the foundation of telepathy. Here the key area is realisation of the full potential of the consciousness.

Shugal I Sultan Mehmood – Khafi (Ajna Chakra) is the focus. Who so ever is able to master the technique of Khafi would enter the ranks of the spiritually illuminated beings on this planet. Just as a telescope is used to view distant objects and the microscope to view the atomic structure, Khafi (esoteric third eye) reveals to us the All Pervading Divine light about which Prophet Christ said :

“When thy eye be one, Thy body shall be full of light”

Shugal I Sultan Samad – the chief purpose here is to undertake withdrawal of the senses, this is practised to attain the tranquil self, which then is the platform to project the consciousness into the soul communion. Here our objective is to activate Qalbi (Anhata Chakra). Compassion mingled with Muhabbat flows from the heart. That aspirant who masters the qalbi, is in love with the entire cosmos for these disciples now truly understand the mysteries of the Unmanifest nature of the All Pervading Divine.

Shugal I Bisat – Akhfa (Sahasrara Chakra) is the supreme goal of the aspirant. They who successfully activate Akhfa attain the Supreme Divine. However it is not so easy as it may sound. How soon or how many lifetimes would it take us to attain God realisation, again depends upon the grace of the Murshid (spiritual mentor).

Shugal I Sultan ul Azkar – Here the murid (aspirant) undertakes contemplation on the Divine (Muraqaba) aided by the concentration (Fikr) achieved in Khilvat (in isolation where withdrawal of senses is practised). This is a very effective process for spiritual conditioning where faith in the Divine gains depth and cleanses the gratification desires of the body.

Shugal I Sanobari
– Perfection in the concentration on the Divine (Fikr) is the thrust area here. When the aspirant has achieved the perfect Fikr that they can undertake perfect Zikr (remembrance of the Divine). It is this very perfect Fikr which is the chief factor for spiritual success.

The art of Ashgal cannot be purchased not even for a billion dollars for Khwaja says that freedom to leave the physical body cannot be purchased but through relentless practice is earned. Those disciples of God who dupe the gullible aspirant, reap what they sow. Perfect purity in the physical body as well as the consciousness is attained through selective gardening of the mind, ego and the intelligence and when we annihilate our ego to the will of the Murshid (spiritual mentor) that spiritual success is possible for us. The hidden art of Habs i Dham (breath regulation techniques) are the focus of scientific world. For they who master the art of Habs I dham, attain tranquillity to cope with the stress and strain of the society, whose efforts to enhance greed to generate want has caused many a suicide of those very able individuals who could not cope up with the physical and the mental fatigue. For when an individual cannot isolate the voice of the ego from the voice of the intelligence which is again different then the voice of the soul, then chances are that this individual or the group of individuals are vulnerable to the charlatan’s manipulations. Ashgal is the essence of all forms of meditations. Those forms of meditation techniques which truly result in ecstasy of the Divine, these forms are aware of the lethal effects of the Ashgal practices.

For the All Pervading Unmanifest is approachable through these esoteric practices, even though the various religious scriptures of the human world may use different words to give expression to the same form. Habs I Dham and Muraqaba (contemplation on the Divine) create a conducive atmosphere for Khilvat practice, where in isolation an aspirant attempts withdrawal of the senses. Stilling of the consciousness is possible or chiefly aided by the breath regulation techniques. The esoteric instructions for God Realisation are transferred by telepathy by a able Murshid (Spiritual mentor) to the aspirant. Again the aspirant here has to qualify to be worthy of these instructions. The wavelength of the ¢hought projection cannot be understood by a aspirant who is not sincere to the instructions of the Murshid. Clarity of thought and Depth of perception are the side effects of the grace of the Murshid. Only at the esoteric wave length, a aspirant is capable of deciphering the true meaning behind the metaphor and similes of the God Realised Saints.

When the aspirant is at the Muldhara chakra, then we are sure of all the weaknesses in the world that are a temptation to any body would be a temptation to the aspirant as well. When the aspirant evolves to Nafsi (Svadhistana Chakra) then the urge to seek sensual gratification is pre-dominant over other needs and the aspirant by nature would be greedy in nature. These aspirants would succumb to the sensual pleasures as the urge in them seeking gratification would not be satisfied by anything less.

Those aspirants that evolve to Rohi (Manipura Chakra), by contemplation on the Divine, master the finer aspects of metabolism. When the aspirant evolves to Qalbi (Anhata Chakra) then they will attain mastery over all languages of the human species as well as the animal world. Those disciples who have the grace of the Murshid (spiritual mentor) develop the supernatural powers. The rare few who activate the Khafi (Ajna Chakra) are blessed by the Immortal Unmanifest. The key to attunement at the Para-normal realms are acquired here. The All Pervading Divine Light of God is manifest here. Those aspirants that reach Akhfa (Sahasrara Chakra) attain Wehdat (final merger with the Divine).

We must remember that as soon as we succumb to the sense gratification even in thought that we weaken our chances of success. It is by these fundamental principles that an aspirant is able to understand that the esoteric Ganga flows down from the Rishi ka Kesh (sahasrara Chakra) to the Hari ka dwar (Ajna Chakra). The pure ecstasy of a million climax are no patch to this unalloyed joy of para-normal bliss. This is the state at which Marifat can truly be understood by the aspirant.

First, know yourself,

(then) to know the Beloved is easy;

Also, keep to that very door,

from which you are not driven away;

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