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There are moments in life when on the path of righteousness, conflict arises between what is morally correct and what the fulfilment of our insignificant goals of our physical life compel us to do. Should be then be selfish and concentrate on the gains that will accrue if we dilute morality at the altar of need gratification. When morality is substituted by greed to accumulate more than what is needed, there occurs stagnation in the perception of societies torch bearers. Is desire good and is to be avoided? Again the correct answer would be that when we are scared to die like billions of other beings and really want to have the conscious exit from this physical body then desire has to be regulated and then harnessed. This is an ever going process. The environment in societies compel us to follow the herd priciple of self destruction. The ignorant who have lost focus of the potential of the conscious exit, goad over minor achievements which boost our ego and makes us understand that we are physical bodies having the faculty to better our level of comforts at the cost of the many others who we deprive because of our selfish traits.

Well death is a great leveller. It is only when the disciple searches within, the answers are found. Belief is the first step to cultivate the required urge for the pursuit of the path of Marifat. The wise neither mourn for the living nor the dead. They know that the physical body is a limitation to the consciousness which tries to curb the potential of the Super consciousness. To say that billion of people on this planet only understand what their Prophets spoke of is as simple as a child at pre-puberty trying to experience the pleasures of the sensual desire.

The metaphors and similes which have been used in the holy scriptures have to be understood in its true esoteric perspective. To sugar coat our ulterior motives by manipulating societies would not get us anywhere for when we will perish like billions of our compatriots, we would then realise the foolishness of manipulating societies for our own selfish interests. If a human being finds solace in groups and cluster of class, caste and colour to boost our self enhancement drive, these people are foolish for they will still perish in a span of 125 years without knowing that are they really the conscious entity about which the prophets speak of or we merely live through procreation by transfer our genes in our children.

Khwaja says: ‘ Fear is the ultimate drive.

It is only when the human being is scared to perish and wishes to believe in the existence of the soul that the seeds of Muhabbat are sown in the consciousness which through selective gardening over the years bear fruit of the treasures of Immortality. It is only when the human being realise the potential that they can sustain in suspended animation that they start to appreciate the mysteries of the All Pervading. When in suspended animation the disciple experiences consciousness of being alive knowing fully well that the physical body has shut down, a milestone in human evolution has been reached. It is so foolish to comprehend that for pleasures we have to derive stimulation through alcohol and the use of drugs and over indulgence in sensual gratification.

Khwaja says: The more the desires are gratified the more they are aroused.

It is only when we experience Marifat; Paranormal ecstacy of the climax in the consciousness for over 300 seconds of pure joy that then we are in a position to understand that the substitutes available are just a preview and not the ultimate climax of ecstacy. For what pleasure is there than to be drunk by meditation without taking a equivalent of six large pegs of whisky or smoking marijuana.

The final joy of being able to achieve the consciousness of the climax for over 300 seconds to uninterrupted flooding of the consciousness for continuos 40 days, has to be experienced to be believed. Are we people compelled by circumstances of birth and adoption forced to think that we are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhists, Jains e.t.c. Why cannot we ever realise that unless we renounce the smaller pleasure for the sake of the pleasures of meditation, we would never be free in the sense of freedom from the ever advancing death which may at any moment in time snuff out our physical existence. Are we people compelled by circumstances of birth and adoption forced to think that we are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Buddhist, Jains e.t.c.

Why cannot we ever realise that unless we renounce the smaller pleasure for the sake of the pleasures of meditation, we would never be free in the sense of freedom from the ever advancing death which may at any moment in time snuff out our physical existence. Actual risk spread lies in investing our valuable time in praying to the Divine for when death approaches by stealth no amount of our puchasing power would buy more days for us to continue using our physical bodies. The favourite pastime of ours to indulge in intellectual prostitution for ego stimulation would get us nowhere. How can we be so dumb, knowing fully well that the lifecycle of a human being cannot go over 125 years in case of the majority of us and we still make no effort to understand the mysteries of existence but occupy our lives in futile competition with others seeking ego gratification but then perishing in the end like any other. The point here is that the disciple must understand that conscious exit from the body is possible and that our goal in life should be to try for a conscious exit at the time of death of the physical body. Just because the Divine Light is not visible to billions of our fellow beings, it does not mean that it does not exist. Our purpose in life is to try and attain the grace of God for before that we are vulnerable to the vagaries of nature, for in the third dimension it is not possible for us to grasp the para-normal phenomena without the aid of the Khafi(Ajna Chakra of the 4th dimension).

Khwaja says that the disciples who indulge in sense gratification are not able to develop consistency in their practise of Baiyyat. It is the baiyyat that weans the disciple from the smaller pleasures to the greater pleasures of the spiritual climax. Service of our fellow beings and tolerance of all creatures great and small is a must before we are to understand that this planet is not our ancestrial property which we so easily make it out to be. What right do we have to purchase land. Are we going to retain it once the shadow of death overtakes us.

Why is that the happiness is quantified by the measure of the appreciation from the eyes of the majority who as it is ape the ignorant whose purpose in life is to procreate and perish as any of the other species of animals? The trillion we spend in pilling up the nuclear arsenal would all be left behind as well as our efforts to manipulate society would be of on avail as we are the ones who finally will perish in the physical sense. It is the manner of the exit that would decide whether our innings has been successful or not. Freedom from death is certain with the practise of Zikr(remembrance of the Divine).

Khwaja says that:

It is easier to tame the rogue elephant than to tame the fluctuating consciousness.

But this should in no way dishearten us as practise of the instructions of the Murshid are the only effective means to still the ever fluctuating consciousness. To remember to thank God we devour anything is the simplest way in which we can let God in our everyday lives and over the years develop the foundation for the attainment of that para-normal ecstacy which has to be experienced to be believed about its potential to substitute the sensual pleasures. Very few path finders set their foot on the untrodden land; One among hundreds finds the secret trace of that tract.

Mercy, my God! Mercy, O Pardoner! From us offance, From You offence, from You manisfcience. We have come to Your door, O munificent Lord!, Our hearts are foul and full of the filth of this world, illumine them with the radiance of Thy love, Gladden us with Your pardon, Make us prosper through Your generosity. Help us in all our difficulties, Do not turn us away empty-handed, Let us be among Your special servants, Make us happy by accepting our supplications.

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