Sufi Master and Healer


In 623 AD,45 devotees of the Prophet Muhammad formed a brotherhood, by taking an oath of fidelity to the Prophet.They would sit near the enterance of the Prophet’s mosque at Madina, absorbed in contemplation.To them,God alone was perfect benevolence and love was the basis through which God could be understood and realised.

Our purpose is to shed light on the esoteric principles which form the backone of all the existing religions on this planet. The para-normal communion is possible on attainment of Marifat which is possible through the Grace of God and the blessings of the God Realised Saints.

We expect that the casual reader of this effort of ours, would develop an urge within them to search for the ALL PERVADING principles which are the foundation of all religions in their own scriptures. For, had not the God Realised Saints blessed us, we would still have been living in fools paradise,seeking intellectual gratification.

CAUTION: It is strongly adviced that the Sufi Practices mentioned on this site be taken under the guidance of a Spritual Mentor only and not on your own.

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