Sufi Master and Healer

Vivek Raghuvanshi

Vivek Raghuvanshi at an early age of twenty four and a half was fortunate enough to have been Blessed by the DIVINE LIGHT OF GOD, during his Siddhi of Kamakhya (God, as worshipped in the form of thc Divine Mother). It was true years later that Swami Sri Sri Sharnanand Giri put Vivek in “Samadhi” ( suspended animation ie again repeating the feat which Vivek was so proud of, without any effort). It was then that the “Romancc with the Divine” began, and vivek found his GURU / MURSHID Sri Sri Sri Paramhans Yogananda with the guidance of the guardian of the Dwarhat Caves – Swami Sri Sri Sharnanand Giri (a beloved disciple of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Paramhans Yogananda). Due to the efforts of Her Holiness Sri Sri Sri Daya Mata, Swami Sri Sri Sharnanand Giri and His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Jagad Guru Shankracharya of Sringeri, that Vivek has been able to achieve clarity of thought & depth of perception which has resulted in Baba Hassnain choosing him over the countless millions to co-author Marifat.

Vivek Raghuvanshi

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